Copper and steel floating spheres
Maulini Angelo
Orta San Giulio ( Novara )

Our company is specialized in the production of copper floating spheres of four different types: round, flat, stripped and brazed.
The sizes of the products can change according to the customer's needs and range from about 85 mm. to 300 mm.

Finished, round and flat copper balls

The copper balls we produced are tin brazed and equipped with a connection that can be soldered or not according to the rods that the balls will have.
The spheres with dimensions between 85 and 120 mm. have a ribbing, those from 150 to 300 mm. are without ribbing.

Stripped, round and flat copper balls

For all those customers who need to cut transport costs, we supply round, flat stripped spheres that will have no dent during the journey.
These products are made to allow the stapling and braze welding at the customer's company, thanks to the different borders of the half sphere (male and female).

Copper spheres packing

Depending on the destination and requirements, the packing is done in three different ways:
- with wooden boxes palletized for overseas transportation
- in paperboard boxes for national transport
- in transparent plastic bags for local transport or by own transportation.
Each package is carefully prepared to ensure that the product arrives at its destination in excellent condition.

Steel spheres

Recently, we have also started making steel spheres to increase the range of products by offering a wider choice to our customers.
Steel spheres can also have different sizes according to requirements and are produced in both opaque and polished steel.

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