Copper and Steel Spheres
Maulini Angelo
Orta San Giulio Novara

Stellato Angelo

The company MAULINI ANGELO was born in the 50s, and is specialized in the production of copper and steel floating spheres in Orta San Giulio (Novara – Italy).
At the beginning of the '60s, for logistic reasons, the activity moved from the city center of Orta, in the nearby hamlet of Legro, where it is still located today. In addition to the founder Angelo Maulini who died prematurely, also worked in the company his daughters and his wife who was the head of the company until 1988.
Since then, at the head of the same company there is Angelo Stellato, who followed his grandfather's footsteps improving the quality of the product.

Research and development

For over 50 years we have been making articles on sample or drawing, copper and steel floating spheres: round, flat, stripped, finished, from 85 to 300 mm in size, with thickness variations according to requirements.


We also produce copper, brass, steel and aluminum lathe-pulled, deep-drawn, punched items. Request a quote or contact us to receive more information about our unique and quality products.

Copper, brass, steel, aluminum processing

Experience, unicity and quality are the basic ingredient of our products. The items we produce are processed by hand, on a puller lathe, on both hydraulic and mechanical presses, with perfected techniques over the years.
On samples or drawings, we are able to produce other items, pulled, drawn and stamped in copper, brass, steel and aluminum. Among our manufacturing we would like to point out:

Sheet metal deformation on lathe pulls - Sheet metal deformation on press - Metal blanking - Edging - Metal trimming and rolling - Metal ribs - Metal stapling - Metal bending - Metal welding.

Professionality and passion are the guarantee for a quality product.


TIG welding

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Our products

Handicraft processing

Copper and steel floating spheres

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Others manufacturings

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Metal deformation

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Metal rib

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Metal cut

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Metal stapling

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Metal bending

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Metal braze welding

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