Tig Welding
Maulini Angelo - Orta San Giulio - Novara

The new demands of an increasingly demanding market have led us to internalize among our processes that of TIG welding.
TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas and, by definition, TIG welding means:

"An arc welding process with an infusible (tungsten) electrode, under inert gas protection, which can be performed with or without filler metal. This type of welding is very complex and delicate and requires specific knowledge and adequate training both for the method and for the materials on which it is used.

Within our company Maulini Di Stellato we use TIG welding mainly to join the semispheres in steel that will form the complete sphere.
We do not use this method on copper balls because this material is much thinner and would not be suitable for TIG.

How does the TIG welding process take place?

We have created a rotary table especially for this machining, on which we have installed the TIG.

welding machine. The machine is composed of a flashlight equipped with a electrode in tungsten, around which flows an inert gas (argon) that creates a controlled melting bath: between the electrode and the gas a ceramic nozzle allows to bring the latter on the melting bath.
The gas is contained in a sort of "glass" that allows to keep the gas always around the electrode.

The fusion of the two flaps of the spheres therefore takes place with a circular welding that allows the two hemispheres to become a single piece.

What are the advantages of TIG welding?

- The first advantage of the TIG is the realization of unique pieces thanks to the fusion of the ball flaps, without the contribution of brazing material. It is as if the spheres were "blown".
- The pieces created have a considerable watertightness compared to those made with braze welding.
- It is not necessary to use picks to weld filler metals.
- It is a weld that can provide excellent quality joints and can also be used on materials of minimum thickness.

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